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Measuring Emotion

MRE Special Event: The Future of Market Research and Consumer Insights

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Measuring Emotion

About the Presentation:

Experiences begin and end emotionally. Identifying and translating these consumer desires into the sensory signals of a product or service is a key to breakthrough innovation. 

Chris will present new approaches and principles for understanding, designing and measuring desirability using a recent case study to demonstrate the process and outcomes.

About the Presenter:

Chris Rockwell is the founder and CEO of Lextant, a human experience firm that uses design research and insight translation to develop a deep understanding of people and their experiences, resulting in human-centered design. Under Chris’s direction is a team of psychologists, researchers and designers that uncover the emotions and aspirations that frame every customer’s brand experience.

Chris was introduced to human factors engineering at a young age, under the instruction of his father, a pioneer in human ergonomics. His Masters in Human Factors Engineering at Virginia Tech, laid the groundwork for a career in the science of understanding people. Chris spent 6 years at Hewlett-Packard. In 1998, Chris took his vision for transforming the human experience and founded Lextant.

Rockwell has fostered a team of leaders that are simply the best in the business. His contextual, ethnographic, participatory and modeling frameworks have helped clients deliver products and solutions aligned with the emotional, behavioral and experiential needs of their customers.