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You Don’t Really Know Me…And I’m Your Customer

MRE Special Event: The Future of Market Research and Consumer Insights

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You Don’t Really Know Me…And I’m Your Customer

About the Presentation:

Do you really know your customers? It’s easy to say yes, yet many companies do not have a deep, emotional understanding their customers.

Kim and Doug will share how Narratology and Ethnography can be used to evaluate and enhance the narrative of your brand, increase its emotional connection, and measure and improve your CultScore.  And, in improving your CultScore – simultaneously improve revenue.

About the Presenters:

Mr. Doug McIntyre is founder and CEO of Cult Marketing.  Cult Marketing helps companies grow by creating fanatical, or cult customers.  Cult Marketing combines innovative consumer insights research and brand strategy with creative ideas that impact the marketplace.

Doug has won numerous industry awards including the prestigious, international Gold Effie Award for proven effectiveness for work for American Standard.  As an authority in his field, Doug has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Columbus Dispatch, Houston Chronicle, among many others, and his marketing ideas have been highlighted on TV broadcasts across America and Europe.

You can also find Doug teaching MBA marketing courses at one of his alma maters, The OSU Fisher College of Business.

Kim Rayburn has over 25 years   of experience in research,   consulting, product   development, and design.

Kim is all about ‘the Consumer’   and helps companies include   ‘the Consumer’ in everything   they do.  Prior to joining Cult   Marketing, Kim was Senior   Director, Enterprise NA for   Satmetrix (the Net Promoter and Customer Experience Company); VP of BIGinsight, BIGresearch; Managing Director at Philips Electronics/Philips Design;  CFO, COO and Co-Owner of a design research firm; and President of a WPP agency.  

Kim has spoken at NRF’s BIG Event, GlobalShop, the MPA, the PMA, at UNITE for Satmetrix. Kim has also written articles about research and design featured in magazines including Innovation Magazine (IDSA), Stores Magazine and Furniture Today, Platt Institute and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).


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