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Lunch Speaker: Consumer Insights 2.0: Real-Time Feedback at the Speed of Culture

MRE Special Event: The Future of Market Research and Consumer Insights

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Lunch Speaker: Consumer Insights 2.0: Real-Time Feedback at the Speed of Culture

About the Presentation:

Traditional research methods are slow, clunky, and expensive. Over the past several years, technology has evolved dramatically, giving consumer insight professionals the ability to create on-demand and meaningful connections between brands and consumers. This technology-fueled feedback loop now enables insight teams to gather information quickly, easily, and cost-effectively, providing brands the ability to innovate and engage at the speed of culture.

About the Presenter:

Michael Pelosi is the Director of Strategic Relationships at CrowdTap, a research firm that specializes in bringing clients into the conversation with everyday consumers, giving you valuable insights, branded content and earned loyalty, all at scale, and in real time. Fast, flexible research tools allow you to learn the preferences and ideas of actual people, which helps you innovate on and refine your messaging, positioning and more.

Prior to joining CrowdTap, Michael consulted with companies to help create inspiring corporate social responsibility programs that aligned with business goals.   He was the Executive Producer of the 2nd annual In Good Company CSR Conference.

Michael actively volunteers with youth, both locally and internationally.  He is currently coaching kids to be socially aware, and helping empower them to make a difference in society.