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Nicky Kearny


Dare to Follow
Mapping your customer’s journey along their path to purchase.

Human beings are messy, emotional and complex creatures. They’re also fascinating, and decoding their behavior can be fun. And profitable. The simple truth is this: there are critical moments in time along the consumer’s path to purchase. If you deliver the right message in the right place at the right time, you will win more.

We believe path-to-purchase research should go way beyond what the journey looks like—it should reveal the most important interactions for your potential customers and your brand.

At Escalent, we believe there are dynamic paths for each consideration group, but there’s so much more to it than describing the path. A good journey map solution identifies friction points, isolates the most important interactions and prescribes the right strategy to speed your customers along to purchase.

Join us as we share a step-by-step process for producing a holistic view of customers’ motivations, emotions, considerations and paths so your brand will know precisely where it is doing well and where it needs specific interventions.

Nicky Kearny, Vice President, Qualitative Research

Nicky has 15 years of research experience, including qualitative and quantitative ranging from local to global, including B2B, B2C, government, non-profit and education, but she has focused in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for the past eight years. Her expertise spans a diverse variety of methodologies and approaches ranging from in-home ice cream use tests to in-shower video ethnographies. She is a RIVA-trained moderator known for putting respondents at ease while speaking their language and seeking their story.