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Hilary De Camp


Market Research in the Digital Age

This session shares four keys to designing and implementing a market segmentation that addresses both the challenges and opportunities presented by today's digital marketplace. 

(1) How to scope your project to ensure you address the key priorities and don’t miss crucial emergent issues.

(2) How to combine survey and behavioral data to maintain quality without excluding or overwhelming respondents. 

(3) How to ensure stakeholders take action on the results. 

(4)  How to activate your segmentation in advertising, CRM systems and future research.

Hilary De Camp, Chief Research Officer at LRW

Hilary has conducted hundreds of segmentations in her 30 year career as a Marketing Scientist. She passionately pursues research excellence, innovation and quality. She inspires internal consultants to maximize impact through intelligent design and strategic analysis and consults with clients on thorny issues related to sampling, weighting, and cross-cultural comparability. Hilary has a Masters of Marketing Research from U.G.A., a bachelors in Quantitative Psychology from U.C.L.A. and guest lectures at U.S.C.’s Marshall School of Business.