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Patricia Hughes


Designing Innovation That Meet Customer Needs

Companies conduct segmentation research, needs studies, brainstorming, qual/quant concept work and more on their path to marketplace innovation. But the work may not be well connected in time or sequence and often does not lead to successful, well targeted market entries.

When you have strong innovation goals and are operating in a field where new product/service or line extensions abound, getting the features and benefits right means knowing for whom you are designing, and filling an unfulfilled gap in the marketplace.

Pat will talk about using needs and situational research contexts melded with segmentation to help drive innovation in a focused way.  It helps get marketing, R&D, insights, and leadership to agree on priorities. We will walk through some specific questions your company should ask, and then present research designs and analytic solutions as ideas for your next big innovation push.


Pat has extensive experience in the market research and business consulting field.   She spent years on the client side and then with Campbell Mithun Advertising before joining the supplier ranks.  She served as a board member of the University of Minnesota Center for Research  for the University of Minnesota Carlson School.

Pat is with Engine, formerly known as ORC International, having spent 9 years at GfK as managing director of their US Consumer business and 4 years at Vision Critical in online communities and software.  Pat works across sectors and her specialty is understanding the business issues to design the best possible research that allows for optimal decision making. In the Columbus area, Engine works with Abbott Nutrition, Nationwide, NetJets, Safelite, and more.

Pat earned her BA degree in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. In her spare time, she and her husband race the NHRA drag racing circuit in Top Sportsman where they earned the Divisional Championship in 2016.