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Job Posts

Research Analyst- Jobs Ohio

MRE Secretary

JobsOhio seeks a research professional to support its mission of attracting new jobs and capital investment to Ohio. The Organization’s research capability and delivery is an important aspect of what differentiates it from other statewide economic development groups around the country. This role helps deliver customized data relevant to company decision makers when considering investment in Ohio. Additionally, research fuels statewide marketing and business development by creating insights about what Ohio has to offer to new and existing businesses.

Duties and Responsibilities:

 The Research Analyst position will provide technical assistance to internal and external clients and works in coordination with each of the six regional Network Partners. The Research Team provides support for client requests, but also supports strategic planning and business intelligence efforts at JobsOhio. The mission to attract and retain businesses depends on having accurate and timely information.

This position will participate in project strategies, planning, development, and coordination. In addition, a variety of project management and tracking duties will be performed.

The Research Analyst will have a strong, working knowledge of data resources with the ability to understand the problem or task, analyze and extract relevant data points from the appropriate tools and provide succinct information using charts, graphs and other formats that are easy for the audience to comprehend.

 Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Utilize Research Tools and Methods

  • Utilize new and existing public and proprietary data tools and research methods.

  • Assist in transfer of knowledge to other teams.

  • Analyze Data

  • Identify industry trends, suspects and leads both for existing and new opportunities for Ohio.

  • Analyze trends and recommend solutions for increasing efficiency and effectiveness of data synthesis.

  • Document processes used in transforming raw data to meaningful information. Ideally this will include an analysis of the results, and the process used to create the information.

  • Interpret and Present Data

  • Interpret research results and translate into clear recommendations with strong quantitative components and insightful business analysis.

  • Identify trends, establish/utilize benchmark data, and present information in clear, concise, and useful formats.

  • Identify opportunities and threats to Ohio’s strategic position, market share and business opportunities

  • Present key assets such as utilities and supplier network

Other Expectations:

  • Perform primary or secondary responsibilities including but not limited to: drafting of research reports and articles; researching information; compiling statistics; collecting data related to projects; analyzing and/or forecasting data; preparing scheduled and/or ad hoc statistical and narrative reports and summaries; and making appropriate recommendations.

  • Help to develop product and process improvements and innovations that enhance the efficiency and productivity to consistently ensure the accuracy and integrity of all deliverables.

  • Participate in strategy development; help ensure effective integration of research function; learn research tools, best practices and collaborate as a team.

  • Assist with analytical work for active client projects with project team members. Provide data and presentation materials and actively participate in client presentations, as appropriate.

 Education, experience and skill requirements include, but not limited to:

  • Bachelor’s degree required in data analytics, public administration, public finance, planning, business, economics, finance, accounting, computer science or urban studies.

  • Knowledge of the tools and techniques necessary to perform the work of the Research Analyst include, but are not limited to:

    • Economic Research

    • Statistical Analysis

    • Employer/Industry Research

    • Financial Reports Analysis

    • Financial Modeling

    • Competitive Landscape Analysis

    • Occupational Research

    • Supply Chain and Logistics

    • Spatial Analysis

    • Tax Climate Benchmarking

    • Strong analytical and quantitative skills

    • Strong communication and cross-functional team work skills

    • Strong project management and presentation skills

    • Ability to prioritize and multi-task

    • Ability to work in an environment in which priorities may shift rapidly

    • Ability to work under tight deadlines and maintain work quality/attention to detail