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Ashley Rowland


Six Dimensions of Retail Experience

A philosopher once defined “experience” as “the intertwining of humans with the world.” He said that no one experience has pre-ordained value but, instead, is judged by the effect it has on a person. Big Red Rooster believes the same thinking applies to retail. The industry is changing so rapidly that it’s important to understand what shoppers expect from remarkable retail experiences – and how retailers are meeting those expectations. We recently conducted a study in which we established six fundamental criteria that retailers can use to evaluate and innovate their in-store experiences – what we call the Six Dimensions of Retail Experience.


Ashley Rowland is director of strategy with Big Red Rooster, a brand experience firm based in Columbus, Ohio. A former journalism and anthropology major, Ashley’s job is telling stories. She specializes in formulating, conducting, and analyzing research ranging from in-depth, contextual interviews (in-home, in-store, or in-office) to online surveys across the country or globe. Her specialty is translating findings into insights that lead to transformative design.

Ashley has studied a range of clients, from CPG companies to major retailers, and a range of industry sectors, from grocery to health & beauty to department stores, in her 8 years at Big Red Rooster. She’s worked with national brands such as eBay, The Home Depot, Office Depot, and MillerCoors, as well as local brands VS Pink, White Castle, Big Lots, and Westfield Insurance.

Big Red Rooster is a global brand experience firm made up of interdisciplinary design thinkers who envision, create, and activate big ideas through an “omni-experience” lens. Clients include: American Express, PepsiCo, Kroger, Under Armour, FedEx, and Chick-Fil-A.